The Meaning of Swiss Diamond Shape

The shape of swiss diamond you prefer may reflect something about your personal style. Maybe you’re classic and modern. Perhaps you’re flirty and adventurous. Pick your favorite swiss diamond shape and see if its meaning matches you. Here’s what each shape says about the person wearing it.

Round Shape

The classic round shape swiss diamond is the most popular. A round brilliant shape is the original modern cut that consists of 58 facets designed to produce the most sparkle as possible. The circular shape of the diamond represents love without end. The women who prefer round shape swiss diamond are usually drawn to its traditional romance. They are honest, faithful, and somewhat conservative. They can also be a little reluctant to accept change.


The princess cut of swiss diamond is becoming increasingly popular because of its combination of modern shape with classic sparkle. Its clean square angles are chic while its glitter is universally adored. The woman wearing swiss diamond princess cut may be willing to take risks and act as a leader and not likely to shrink from the spotlight. She enjoys the attention received from her admirers and brings a sense of excitement to nearly everything she does.


The swiss diamond cushion shape is an antique design. It is charming and luxurious. Its rounded shape is similar to a round shape but more distinctive. If you wear a cushion cut swiss diamond, you’re a romantic and elegant woman with a love of vintage luxury.


Asscher cut is easy to see due to its cropped corners and distinctive ‘X’ shape. Its unique shape highlights her desire for drama while appealing to a vintage style. If you opt for swiss diamond Asscher cut, you have a keen eye for style. You are a woman who wants to stand out from the crowd will attract lots of admiration.


This swiss diamond shape is inspired by the stunning emerald gemstone. Its shape emphasizes clarity. This is a fine choice for a women who think that sparkle isn’t necessarily. It suits for a woman with confidence and and an appreciation for vintage design. She don’t look for approval from others. She wears her swiss diamond instead of allowing her diamond to wear her.


It’s similar to an emerald shape but more sparkle. A radiant swiss diamond is for women who want traditional sparkle but still classic. Its facets are flirty and trendy, as the women who choose this unusual shape. They radiate almost as much sparkle as the gem they are wearing.


An oval swiss diamond is a sophisticated choice for women who value elegance and unique. They are fairly traditional. This shape shows a bit of creativity and individuality. Similar to an egg, its shape may also represent fertility or a desire for children but an oval shape is stable and faithful.


The unique teardrop shape inspired by oval and marquise cuts. It features both a rounded and pointed end. This shape shows a woman to be an individual, but she still has a soft side for traditional romance. The woman who chooses a pear swiss diamond shape tends to set a high standard for herself and people around her.


The flashy swiss diamond shape indicates a desire for great wealth because its special design to make the swiss diamond look larger than it really is. A marquise shape preference indicates a superficial attitude toward wealth or a desire for extravagant appearances. Women who are drawn to the cut tend to be more concerned with their status.


This shape is an ultimate symbol of love for a romantic feminine woman. It is perfect for the confident woman. They tend to look at the world through a rose colored lens. They can be disappointed when the reality of daily life takes over after fairy tale love life is over.