How to start jewelry business

The jewelry industry is growing around 5-6% per year. There is definitely room for emerging to the market. To be a jewelry seller, it is an attractive choice, literally and aesthetically. You’ll be selling a product that’s always popular like cz silver jewelry to customers who share your love of beauty. You can also work from home because you’ll need relatively little overhead or storage space and the growth of online business.

You will need to fine the right partner to make your dream comes true. Buying cz silver jewelry from the right manufacturer at the fair prices is the core of the business which gives you the highest margins to play with. You can sell to the end users either through a store, at home parties, a website, Facebook, Instagram, or using a third-party resource such as eBay and amazon.

Create a basic business plan and a list of reliable jewelry manufacturers. The most common exporting countries of silver jewelry are Thailand and Indonesia, China and India. These countries are most popular for producing low to mid-range quality silver jewelry with lower costs. CZ silver jewelry can range from fine luxurious quality to low quality, therefore you need to take some time checking the workmanship, price range, designs and service.

Check if your jewelry suppliers is legitimate or not by contacting them and buying something as a trial to evaluate both product and service of the supplier. This will save you from making costly mistakes and spending too much sourcing time. This is also to assure jewelry manufacturers that they are dealing with genuine businesses and buyers only.